Stress Management Therapy

Stress Management Therapy – Modern life provides numerous demands that can prove difficult to handle. Stress produces numerous physical and mental symptoms which vary from person to person and situational factors. In short, stress is the ill-effects that come from the burden of mental strain-stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue and headaches. Stress can also happen due to obsessive eating and drinking or lack of appetite, low energy level, poor digestion, constipation, sexual disorders, chain-smoking or heavy drinking. Here is where Stress Management Therapy has its importance.

As per Ayurveda our inability to deal with stress is due to an imbalance, or lack of coordination of the 3 main mental functions:

  • Dhi (learning)
  • Dhriti (retention)
  • Smriti (long-term memory)

At Ayurkalpam, we make a combination of package of Panchakarma, Kayakalpa Therapy, Yoga and Meditation for Stress Management Therapy.

Stress Management Treatment process

  • Abyanga: Full-body massage with medicated herbal oils to release tension from muscles and joints.
  • Sirodhara: A head massage followed by the continuous pouring of warm herbal oil/milk/buttermilk on the forehead for 45 minutes to cool the nervous system.
  • Sirovasthi: Warm herbal oils are put on the head and kept for 45 minutes to cool the cerebral and nervous systems.
  • Talam: Special powder mixed with medicated herbal oil is applied on the head.
  • Thalapothichil: Special herbal pastes are applied to the entire body.

Stress Management Benefits

  • Strengthen hormonal secretions.
  • Eliminates AMA (toxins) strengthens tissue functions.
  • Assists balance all three doshas.
  • Helps implement a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Reduces stress, improves relaxation & tolerance.
  • Release tension from muscles and joints.
  • Cool the cerebral and nervous systems.
  • Improves strength, endurance and vitality.

Special Events after Treatment

  • Teaches how to do yoga daily at home
  • Teaches how to maintain a healthy diet based on body condition.
  • Medicine support after treatment (chargeable)
  • Free Siddha Life science training session (helps to maintain long time youthful vigour and healthy body).
  • Free Introduction to Kerala herbs and spices for maintaining immune.