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We offer the best Ayurveda Treatment Packages in Kerala starting from Ayurveda Rejuvenation package, Stress Management program, Ayurveda Wellness Package, Body Purification Packages and more

Ayurveda Wellness Package

Ayurveda wellness package is one of the Ayurveda Treatment Packages in Kerala which give emphasis on wellbeing.

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Ayurveda Body Purification

In this present world where people and suffering due to a stressful and toxic environment, our physical and mental systems accumulate toxins.

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Stress Management Program

Marma is the vital areas of the body. Marma points in a human body can be well described as it is a junction on the body where two or more types of tissue meet.

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Weight Reduction Package

Reduce your overweight through the weight reduction package in Ayurveda Treatment Packages in Kerala.

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Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package

Rejuvenate your body mind and soul through Kerala Ayurveda Rejuvenation Packages in Kerala.

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Karkidaka Chikitsa

The best time to do Ayurveda is the monsoon. Experience Ayurveda monsoon packages in Kerala

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does Kerala Ayurveda cost?

A. The cost of treatment depends upon the selection of hotels and resorts. Generally, it starts from 100 dollars depending upon the selection of hotels and resorts

Q. What is Kerala Ayurvedic massage all about?

A. Ayurveda massage is part of the treatment process. But people used to take rejuvenation massage during their holidays in kerala which will give a rejuvenation for the body.

Q. Why Kerala is famous for Ayurveda?

A. Kerala is famous for Ayurveda because of the plenty of natural herbs and pleasant climate that makes it the best place to enjoy a rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapy session.

Q. Does Ayurveda have side effects?

A. Ayurveda Medicines usually do not have any side effects. The treatment procedure is that it cures the disease of the root and not just the symptoms. In the earlier days, Ayurveda Medicines did not have clinical trials to support the results.

Q. what is the Scope and benefit of Kalari and marma ?

A. Kalarippayattu is one of the ancient martial art forms and is called the mother of all martial arts. This art has a different style. Our chief trainer Premnath Gurukkal is one of the experts in the ancient secret Kalari style called marma Kalari. The merit of marma Kalari is that it can learn at any age and marma based encounter system is more useful in common life. Now many ladies entrepreneurs need to travel alone for business purpose. These type of martial arts will be more useful not only for safety but also help to enhance physical and mental calibre.

Q. Is Ayurveda really effective?

A. Why not. Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical system based on many effective herbal drugs. Ayurvedic drugs prepared by a combination of herbs which have a common mechanism towards virus and bacteria. Also, many of these drugs not only fighting against diseases but also help to boost immunity. So along with the curing process, ayurvedic drugs help to rejuvenate the vital and clinical functions of the patient.

Q. Is there any emergency medicine system in Kerala?

A. Yes. Once you refer to Ayurvedic manuscripts you can aware of alchemy. In Ayurveda not only herbs but also use few metals and minerals for curing life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke etc. But it is not a common medicine, only a few traditional ayurvedic experts practising alchemy therapies. Ayurkalapm associated with traditional vaidyas along with doctors to provide classical Ayurveda treatments.

Q. What is the benefit of marma therapy?

A. Marma is ancient orthopaedic neuroscience of Ayurveda. It helps to treat patients who suffer complicated and incurable orthopaedic disorders and neuro diseases. Even modern medicine uses the skill of physiotherapist to cure ortho and neuro diseases. As a traditional medical system marma therapy is effective and harmless. But this is also a traditional secret knowledge. We utilize the service of a marma expert who belongs to 600 years traditional ancestral background in marma healing.

Q. Do you any education program for Ayurveda?

A. Yes, we have well-organized Ayurveda and Siddha training programs. We have a full-fledged online virtual campus program for marma and yoga sessions. Our teachers will manage individual and groups training sessions based on the demand of the students. After training anytime students can visit the Gurukulam for advanced and practical studies.

Q. Do you any education program for Kalari?

A. Yes. We have a Kalari training program for Kids, Beginners and advanced course.

Q. What is the Relation with Kayakalpa and Beauty care ?

A. Now there is a lot of beauty care solutions available like spa, saloon, beauty parlour etc. But non of these enhance the cell-based cleansing or work against senility. But kayakalpa is one of the effective solutions for reducing the ageing process along with health rejuvenation programs. It has a different level of therapies and customizable depend upon the individual health pattern.

Q. How far is your Ayurveda resort from Trivandrum Airport?

A. It is Just 20 km and will hardly take 45 Minutes.