This therapy has profound benefits in treating ailments such as inflammation and skin crack on the head and stiffness of eyes. With appropriate medicines, siropichu also heals Alzheimer's disease, cervical spondylosis, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, sleeplessness and stiffness in head, neck and shoulders.

Retention of oil-soaked cotton cloth on the head is called Siropichu. Such oil retentions pacify the nerves and brain cells, and improve the person's memory level. A medicine rich blend of herbs, milk, and oil is used for the treatment.

As the first step to this treatment, the person's body is preconditioned, by giving mild oil massage. A piece of cotton cloth of about 2 cms. thickness is soaked in medicated oil and spread on the head vertex. Precautions are taken to avoid any dripping of oil from the head. Warm oil is also added on at regular intervals to retain the same temperature. The person remains seated with the oil for almost an hour, after which it is wiped out.

The duration and type of medicines used are decided by the physician based on the person's body nature and condition. However, in most of the cases the therapy is continued for 7 to 14 days and gives effective results. It gives a fabulous feeling to the head and mind; the brain and nervous system is stimulated and the body and mind becomes buoyant.

The medicated oil used for the treatment are highly rejuvenating and cooling. It is a mixture of herbs like sweet flag,winter cherry, black gram, staff Tree,ten roots, vetiver, castor root, etc. gingely oil, milk of goat, cow and buffalo.For long term benefits, oral medicines like Lehyam (semi-solid) and Choornam (powder) are also prescribed by the doctor