In God’s own country, amongst mist-kissed mountains of the Silent Valley, lies Niraamya Retreats, Cardamom Club, Thekkady. A place where technology is seldom sought after. And the only jams are caused by elephants leisurely crossing the roads… Catch a rare glimpse of a tiger, prancing around in the evening sun. Or watch the playful and endangered Nilgiri Tahr brave the steep cliffside. The Periyar National Park is crowded with natural biodiversity, amazing wildlife and an abundance of scenic lakes and rivers. So when you want a change of pace from reading your bestseller on a lazily swaying hammock, you can choose to stroll down nature trails, discover a beautiful little lake, visit a tea factory, or walk up a mountain to watch the sunset, the way God intended it to be. And at the resort, we’ll be happy to organise activities to make your vacation even more fulfilling.



  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Internet Cafe
  • Telephone & Fax
  • Safe Locker
  • Cloak Room
  • Wi-Fi