This is an effective treatment for many diseases of the head, face, and central nervous system. Sirovasthi is ideal for facial paralysis, migraine, head ache, insomnia, memory loss, mental stress, dry nose, dryness of the eye and also for cervical spondylosis. Though useful in all Dosha types of ailments, the treatment is more useful in Vatta related diseases.

Sirovasthi is the retention of warm medicated oil over the head for a certain amount of time. This oil is a prepared mixture of gingely oil,Staff Tree, castor oil, ghee, common milk, and medicated herbs like bala,winter cherry,black gram, castor plant, bacopa etc. There are special ways and methods in which the herbs and oils are boiled in order to extract their full medicinal properties

The first step of Sirovasthi starts with the application of warm herbal oil all over the body. This nourishes the nerve endings and prepares the body for the main treatment. The next step is to carefully fix an elongated leather cap around the person's head into which medicated oil of tolerable warmth is poured. The oil has to be retained on the head for about 30 to 45 minutes based on the person's tolerance level.

During this process, the therapeutic properties of the medicated oil acts on the person's brain and tunes up his central and autonomous nervous system. The brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the sympathetic nerves receives the medicinal effects of the oil. As a result, various nerve disorders get mended and the mind gets relieved from conflicts and stress.

The timing and periodicity of the treatment varies according to the condition of the patient and type of disease. Usually, the doctor gives a 7 or 14 day treatment course. As a part of the whole treatment, the doctor will also give directions about the person's diet patterns and his oral medicines like Kashayam (decoction) and Lehyam (semi solid). Yoga, the powerful stress reliever, could also be a part of this treatment.

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